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“More Than Doing My Christian Duty”
Malachi 2 & 4
(March 26, 2017)

As part of an expository study of the Book of Malachi, the last member of the Book of the Twelve, and the concluding prophecy of the Hebrew Scriptures, this sermon considers the impact of Malachi’s words on the lives of modern-day Christians, and examines what “the day of the Lord” is really all about.

Cooking the Books
Luke 16:1-8
(July 15, 2018)

Part of a sermon series called Stories that Move You, this sermon examines the meaning and surprising implications of Jesus’ parable of the shrewd manager, from Luke 16.

The Discipline Experiment
Luke 17:11-19
(November 11, 2018)

Delivered within a month-long, church-wide experiment in proactive gratitude, this sermon considers acts of gratitude as a specific and vital spiritual exercise.

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“Why Should I Trust the Bible?”
2 Timothy 3:10-17
(May 31, 2020)

Part of a series of short messages, Big Questions, delivered during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, this brief sermon considers whether or not the Bible is trustworthy as both an historical document and as a revelation of God’s holy Word.

Why Would a Good God Allow Suffering?
Luke 13:1-5
(April 19, 2020)

Another entry in the Big Questions series, this message seeks to answer the oft-heard skeptics’ question, “Why would a good God allow humans to suffer?”

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Bible Study Lesson

The link below directs you to a stand-alone Bible study lesson, or “devotional,” entitled Take a Breath, which was featured in the March 2015 issue of InTouch Magazine.

Take a Breath – Bible Study Lesson

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Combining the extraordinary minimalist photography of Julie Burleson, of Lasting Impressions in Waco, Texas, with Scripture passages and prompts for reflection and confession, this virtual prayer exercise follows eight distinct Stations of the Cross.

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Spiritual Disciplines

The following links lead to the EQUIP Spiritual Disciplines Curriculum, a series of devotional workbooks focusing on five vital areas for spiritual growth. You are welcome to view and download each file, but please seek additional permissions if using them with a group or church community. Simply e-mail

Equipped for Prayer – introduces, explains, and prompts individual practice of prayer-centered disciplines, particularly fasting, solitude, worship, fixed-hour prayer, and contemplative prayer.

Equipped for Scripture – guides participants through the extraordinary process of the Bible’s composition, compilation, canonization, translation, and distribution, and teaches the Bible-centered disciplines of narrative reading, devotional reading, and Bible study.

Equipped for Fellowship – examines the importance of Christian fellowship and healthy relationships in the life of believers, beginning with an introduction to God-designed personality types (drawing from the Enneagram system of personality), and continuing with instructions on the practice of fellowship-centered disciplines such as compassion, encouragement, and forgiveness.

Equipped for Ministry – considers the special role of the Holy Spirit as a cultivator of spiritual “fruit” and a giver of spiritual “gifts,” the latter being discussed in-depth along with instructions for the practice of ministry-centered disciplines of humility, submission, and stewardship.

Equipped for Evangelism – focuses on the command for every believer to bear witness to the hope of the gospel, in both word and deed, and offers specific techniques for doing so, along with suggestions for the practice of evangelism-centered disciplines of discipling, outreach, and storytelling.

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From 2016-2019, I hosted a long-form conversational podcast called As You Go. Each episode examined a specific topic within the larger framework of how the Christian faith intersects with Western culture. The following links are my personal favorites from that three-year run.

Episode 52 – Racism: Can’t We All Just Talk About It?

Guests: Elaina Thompson, Caleb Hallman, and Jeff Reams

Episode 67 – Technophilia: These Kids Today and Their Phones

Guests: Katie Phillips and Mark Paul

Click HERE for Apple Podcasts link.

Episode 71 – Heaven & Hell: Christianity’s Crucial Carrot and Stick

Guests: Katie Phillips and Jeff Reams

Click HERE for Apple Podcasts link.

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Short Stories & Vignettes

An assortment of short, creative works, each exploring an unexpected encounter with the Ineffable.

“Do You Understand What I’m Saying?” – While on a blind date, Sam is annoyed by the many questions the woman asks him. Then comes one that he just can’t shake.

“Viam Crucis” – Sometime between Jesus’ ninth and eleventh birthdays, approximately 2000 Jews were crucified along a road through Galilee. Here is one theory about how this experience may have affected him.

“A Period of Silence May Follow” – You never know where a devotional prayer prompt may lead you, or what you will discover when you make the journey.