Blogs I Read

Expectant Wanderings

Step by Step Journey

Practical Spirituality

Greg Garrett

Hermeneutics in High Heels

Mark D Paul

Rachel Toalson

Websites to Check Out

Christianity Today


The New York Times Book Review

The Rabbit Room


*Please note that while I continually find the above blogs and sites thought-provoking, I do not necessarily agree with the content of every article therein.

Podcasts to Listen to

As You Go (this one’s mine)

Camp Monsters

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Crime Show

The Daily (NY Times)

Dear Hank & John


Not Past It

Quick Question

The Rabbit Room

Stuff You Should Know

This American Life

Places to Visit

Baylor University

Black Forest Academy

Christ the King Anglican Church

Mission Waco

Monastery of Christ in the Desert

Truett Theological Seminary

Whitefield Academy

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